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02.07.2019    18:00

Lecture by Father Patrick Desbois and presentation of the book “The Terrorist Factory: ISIS, the Yazidi Genocide, and Exporting Terror”

The massacre of Yazidis, which was started by the Islamic State in 2014 can have only one name: genocide. In the refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan Father Patrick Desbois and Costel Nastasie conducted interviews with over one hundred people who survived this massacre. The Yazidi women who were taken hostage by the Islamic State carefully observed their oppressors and various secrets of their crime organization.

Sex, crime, and money – the interviews of the survivors topple down all appearances. The only aim of the “warriors of Allah” is unlimited power. However, in order to reach this goal the fighters need to use specific tools. And this is found in the Yazidi community, an ethnic and religious minority. The men, if they do not take vows to be faithful to Islam, prove to be useless and are immediately liquidated. The women become sex slaves or breeders, whose children are used to empower the troops of the Islamic State fighters. Boys, through cruel training and drugs, are also prepared for terrorist attacks.

With discretion and painful empathy Father Patrick Desbois focuses on the forgotten victims of these crimes, presenting details of these events, which he describes as a “highly practical” genocide. His voice is one that demands humanity, the lack of which marked the beginning of the 21st century...

Patrick Debois – Catholic priest, founder and head of the international organization Yahad-In Unum. For several years he has been conducting research on the Holocaust, he fervently opposes anti-Semitism, and works for the building bridges between Catholics and Jews.

Partners of the event: Dialog Publishing House, Yahad-In Unum, Research Center for Memory Cultures of the Jagiellonian University.

In English with translation into Polish.
Free admission.