Museum News

31.05.2018    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary. Film Screening: "I Am Not Your Negro"

dir. Raoul Peck USA, France, Belgium, Switzerland 2016, 89'

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27.05.2018    18:00

Bedtime Stories in Galicia: A meeting with Karaim culture

This May we would like to invite you to a meeting with the culture of the smallest ethnic and religious minority in Poland: the Karaims. We will begin with a screening of a bedtime story – an animated film titled „Cudowny koń księcia Witolda” (“Prince Witold's Wonder Horse”) which is based on a Karaim legend. We will also provide a small snack for our guests.

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26.05.2018    20:00

7@nite – Night of the Synagogues. Guided tours: “The Jewish District of Kazimierz – Past and Present”

Starting Point: Square in front of the Old Synagogue at Szeroka Street. This event is organized in cooperation with the Free Walkative! Tour.

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24.05.2018    17:00

Meeting with American media expert Richard Lui

"Media Freedom and Disinformation in the 21st century" Meeting with Richard Lui, journalist and news anchor at MS NBC and NBC News

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