Museum News

26.03.2018    12:00

"Traces of Memory" in South Africa

On 11 March 2018 Galicia Jewish Museum Director Jakub Nowakowski opened the exhibition "Traces of Memory: A Contemporary Look at the Jewish Past in Poland" at the Durban Holocaust & Genocide Centre in South Africa.

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25.03.2018    18:00

Bedtime Stories in Galicia: A meeting with Jewish culture

Each month we will present animations related to the cultures of ethnic, national and religious minorities. Each bedtime story will include a meeting with a member of the represented community or with an expert who will speak about the community’s culture and history.

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18.03.2018    19:00

Concert: U Studni

For nearly three decades (1984-2010), band members were part of Stare Dobre Małżeństwo, in which they contributed to the unique sound and style of this legendary group. Their artistic personalities, and natural and free stage presence, along with their ability to connect with their audiences, guarantee that any performance of “U Studni” is special.

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18.03.2018    10:30

Kraków (Not)Forgotten: Guided tour through the area of the former Kraków Ghetto

In March 1941, the Nazis forced Jews to live in a concentrated area until the Nazis liquidated the Ghetto in 1943. This year marks the 75th commemoration of the liquidation of the Kraków Ghetto. We invite you to join us on a guided tour through the places where the tragic, historical events occurred, events which made a tremendous impact on the wartime history of Kraków.

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