Museum News

30.06.2017    15:00

New Jewish Museums for the 21st Century – panel discussion

How have Jewish museum professionals from Europe and Israel reimagined the purposes and possibilities of museum display and education in the 21st century? Their interpretation of Judaism and Jewish history needs to be faithful to the past, resonate with current perceptions, and inspire visions of the future. And Jewish museums are expected not only to construct and present a narrative but also to engage in it.

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23.06.2017    20:00

Programme of events at the Galicia Jewish Museum during the 27th Jewish Culture Festival

The coming week in Galicia means over 40 events accompanying the 27th Jewish Culture Festival!

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20.06.2017    10:00

Galicia Jewish Museum annual report

We are happy to present the annual GJM report for the year 2016.

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15.05.2017    15:00

Help us create a retrospective exhibition of photographs by Chris Schwarz!

The Galicia Jewish Museum has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo! In June 2017, the Galicia Jewish Museum will open a retrospective exhibition of the photography of Chris Schwarz, the founder and first director of the museum. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the distinguished British photographer’s death.

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