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09.11.2017    19:00


The project ON THE BRINK | NIEMANDSLAND links the distant Jewish past of present-day Ukrainian cities with the contemporary culture of today’s Germany, Poland, and Ukraine, bringing together artists from those countries.

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05.11.2017    11:00

Family Sunday: “Dreidel and Hamantashen – A Children’s Guide to Jewish Culture”

– Book premiere and art workshop led by Anita Andrzejewska and Andrzej Pilichowski Ragno

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05.11.2017    10:00

“Krakow's Viennese – Vienna's Cracovians” – Guided City Tour

The fates of Poland and Austria, as well as Krakow and Vienna, were often intertwined in terms of politics, culture and society. The same can be said for the fates of the people, who lived and worked in these two cities. We would like to invite you on a guided tour through Krakow's places which are related to both, the present-day capitol of Austria and the former capitol of Poland.

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04.11.2017    16:00

The cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – Meeting with Robert Makłowicz

Join us on a journey with Robert Makłowicz back to the times when the Habsburgs ruled Central Europe – from the Adriatic Sea to the Carpathian Mountains – when the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian was as diverse as its peoples.  It is a mix of different tastes and recipes from different countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Bosnia, Slovakia, Poland and northern Italy. Let’s discover it together with the famous journalist, traveler and even chef!

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