Museum News

07.11.2018    18:00

Polish premiere of the film Julius Madritsch. The Righteous Among the Nations

The film was written and directed by Piotr Szalsza. A meeting with the filmmakers will take place following the screening.

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05.11.2018    19:00

An Evening of Stories: "Those Courageous Bunnies, or A Family Meeting with a Story Starring a Bunny Rabbit"

Participants are welcome to join, regardless of age. Led by: Mateusz Świstak In Polish, free admission.

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05.11.2018    11:00

Fairy Tales, Stories, and Testimonies – Inspirations for Working with Children and Youth." Workshop for teachers and educators

How can we use fairy tales, stories, and testimonies in our educational work? How do we select the right story? How do we help our listeners to focus? These questions can be answered by our experts leading the workshop.

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04.11.2018    10:30

Themed walking tour: Kraków 1939–1943: Janka Goldstein's Diary

This is an accompanying event to the debut of Janka Goldstein's Diary, a yet, unknown testimony from occupied Kraków between 1940 and 1942.

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