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03.03.2019    17:00

Events commemorating the establishment and liquidation of the Kraków Ghetto: “Holocaust, Shoah, Churban...”, Lecture by Dr. Edyta Gawron

For some of the audience, this lecture will be an introduction to the topic. For others, it will be an overview of already acquired knowledge. Nevertheless, it will enable the audience to understand the topic of the Shoah, especially in the context of new challenges in education, commemoration, and recurring discussions.

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28.02.2019    18:00

The World in the Lens of a Documentary: “The Venerable W.”

Dir. Barbet Schroeder France/Switzerland 2017, 100'

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21.02.2019    18:00

The Last Chapter? A Look at Photography Projects Devoted to the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1970s and 1980s

A Lecture by Tomasz Strug

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17.02.2019    19:00

Valentine's Day concert of songs from film with Kinga Rataj and her band

Kinga Rataj – vocals Marek Bazela – piano Tomasz Grzybowski – guitars Dominik Borek – trumpet

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