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02.10.2018    20:00

Concert: Waglewski & Łęczycki

An acoustic concert by Wojciech Waglewski (guitar, vocals) and Bartosz Łęczycki (harmonica).

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30.09.2018    18:00

Bedtime Stories in Galicia: A Meeting with Ukrainian Culture

In September, we would like to invite you to an animated film “Mr. Kotowski” which was created as part of the Four Sides of Fairytales project, followed by an extremely interesting story about Ukrainian culture.

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28.09.2018    12:00

Culture 60+ “Blood: Uniting and Dividing” – Curator-led guided tour for seniors

Blood has always been a powerful symbol through which we understand who we are. Even though blood is universal, we give it various and complex meanings. It is the substance which symbolizes both life and death, sacred and profane, pure and impure. It can bring about life and take it away. Find out more about the cultural history of blood from the Jewish perspective, as we trace its history from the Biblical times to the present. With us, we ask you to explore the question: How have Jews defined themselves by blood and how have others defined them by such?

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27.09.2018    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary: “The Salt of Earth”

dir. Wim Wenders, Juliano Ribeiro Salgado Germany 2014, 110'

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