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04.11.2017    16:00

The cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire – Meeting with Robert Makłowicz

Join us on a journey with Robert Makłowicz back to the times when the Habsburgs ruled Central Europe – from the Adriatic Sea to the Carpathian Mountains – when the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian was as diverse as its peoples.  It is a mix of different tastes and recipes from different countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Bosnia, Slovakia, Poland and northern Italy. Let’s discover it together with the famous journalist, traveler and even chef!

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22.10.2017    19:00

Kinga Rataj and her band: Fado concert

Kinga Rataj – a singer, who has Polish blood running through her veins, is a one-of-a-kind. She proves to skeptics that being Portuguese is not a requirement to perform the difficult genre that is fado. The moving fado songs will make this concert a musical feast, though the excitement of the songs will also make the audience want to dance.

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14.10.2017    19:00

Exhibition opening: "Play Up, Gypsy! Roma Music from Liszt to Hungaricum" and concert by The Rajkó Orchestra

This exhibition examines a process in which "Hungarian" music and czardas are combined with the influence of Roma musicians to form a coherent part of the Hungarian national culture. The works of such artists as Ferenc Liszt, Miklós Barabás, Sándor Petőfi or Mihály Vörösmárty, all include a "Gypsy" theme, which is "Hungarian" music and dance, as well as a common way of thinking about Gypsies and how they are presented.

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12.10.2017    10:00

Galicia Jewish Museum is closed

On October 12th, 2017 the Galicia Jewish Museum is closed. We are sorry for any inconvenience.

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