Museum News

10.09.2017    10:00

Family Sunday – Let's Prepare for Rosh Hashanah!

We would like to invite all children and their caretakers to a sweet Rosh Hashanah workshop.

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06.09.2017    18:00

Lecture by Roman Kurkiewicz: "Would Kościuszko be a Woman Today? (...)"

Would Kościuszko be a Woman Today? – On the Roots of Contemporary Politics, On Old Questions in New Clothing and New Questions about Old Issues – Lecture by Roman Kurkiewicz

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03.09.2017    16:30

Film screening: "Bal Ej: The Hidden Jews of Ethiopia"

dir. by Irene Orleansky, Israel/Ethiopia 2016, ‘96 Subtitles in English. Free Admission.

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03.09.2017    10:00

European Day of Jewish Culture

As we do each year, the Galicia Jewish Museum celebrates the European Day of Jewish Culture. This year's main theme is the Diaspora. Please join an intensive program, which will begin in the morning and last for much of the day.

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