Museum News

12.03.2018    10:00

Battling Prejudice - Przeciw stereotypom

We continue the two-year Polish-Dutch program „Battling Prejudice”.

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13.02.2018    19:00

Concert: The Greatest Country Blues Songs

Valentines Day concert.

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11.02.2018    10:00

Winter Walks: Shtibl, Kloiz and Tempel...

In prewar Kraków there were approximately 120 synagogues and prayer houses. Anticipating the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim, we would like to invite you on a winter walk through Kraków to find the traces of places which formerly served Kraków's Jewish communities for prayer – places that are lesser-known or completely unfamiliar to our participants.

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04.02.2018    12:00

Human Library at the Galicia Jewish Museum

Human Library is an initiative which provides opportunities for individuals to meet people who represent various groups we tend to perceive through stereotypes. Direct contact enables participants to break through stereotypes and biases, and to build respect for the individuals and their communities, and to appreciate diversity.

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