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07.10.2017    20:00

Zecher – Galician Etudes

“Zecher” is an art performance taking place at the permanent exhibition of the Galicia Jewish Museum. Like the Wandering Jew, the viewer, together with the artists, goes on a journey through Polish-Jewish history, exploring not only sections of the exhibition, but also various art forms (music, dance, theater).

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22.10.2017    19:00

Kinga Rataj - "In Polish: Concert"

This is a highly anticipated concert – it's important and crucial for the artist’s career, since it is the first concert, which is completely – the music as well as the lyrics – composed and created for Rataj.

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17.09.2017    11:00

"I will not use power to oppress others" – Tadeusz Kościuszko walk

The walk is a part of the project "Kościuszko – Hero of Two Continents – A series of educational and cultural events," co-financed by the Municipality of Kraków.

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14.09.2017    18:00

Lecture: Kabbalah in Contemporary Culture, prof. Boaz Huss

Boaz Huss is a Professor of Jewish Thought at Ben-Gurion University. His research interests include the history of Kabbalah, Western Esotericism, New Age Culture and New Religious Movements.

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