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09.04.2017    19:00

Concert: Hard Times

Hard Times is three gentlemen from Krakow who play a bit of folk and a bit of blues, sad songs about love, and happy songs about the joy of life. The songs are beautiful in their simplicity, lacking any unnecessary exaltation, full of raw, masculine lyrics. They grab you by your heart and make you want to dance.

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09.04.2017    12:30

“Krakow (Not) Forgotten!” – new edition!

Spring is coming, and at the Galicia Jewish Museum, we are all preparing for its arrival! We would like to invite you to the new edition of our guided tours. This edition will be a little different from those in the past, as it will not only focus on Kazimierz. Once a month, together with a tour guide, we will explore the unknown and sometimes forgotten fragments of Krakow's history.

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02.04.2017    10:00

Family Sunday: Passover Workshop

Do you know the story of the Israelites’ departure from Egypt? Do you know which plagues tormented the citizens of this country? How was it possible for Moses to safely lead his people through the Red Sea? We will answer all of these questions during a family workshop on the Jewish holiday of Passover.

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30.03.2017    18:00

"The Good Lie" – film screening

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