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22.07.2018    10:30

Walk: Jewish Life beyond Kazimierz

From the second half of the 19th century, restrictions placed on civil liberties of Jews in the Austro-Hungarian Empire disappeared. Thus, in Kraków, Jews began to settle in other part of the city. We invite you for a walk around Jewish Kraków, exploring areas outside of the Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz.

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07.07.2018    18:00

ETNOKRAKÓW. Concert: Night (Nepal)

Night is a folk band from Kathmandu which was founded in 2006. Its members come from various musical circles, some of whom previously played in a heavy metal band. The band’s objective is the revival and restoration to concert practice of traditional Nepali instruments – both those which have been forgotten, and are in danger of becoming forgotten.

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05.07.2018    19:00

Festival of Polish Music. Concert: Voytek Proniewicz, Radosław Sobczak

Voytek Proniewicz – violin Radosław Sobczak – piano

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23.06.2018    10:00

Galicia Jewish Museum events during the 28th Jewish Culture Festival

Program of events

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