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11.08.2019    10:00

“Mornings at the Museum” – Workshops for children and parents. “Honey Morning”

We would like to invite all the children with their caretakers to a workshop during which we will find out where honey comes from, and if bees are friendly insects. After the workshop each participant will be able to take a bit of honey in a jar which we will decorate during the workshop.

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09.08.2019    18:00

“Jewish Families in Europe, 1939 – Present: History, Representation and Memory”. Meeting with Dr. Joanna Beata Michlic

The author will be discussing the book with Dr. Marta Duch-Dyngosz.

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04.08.2019    10:30

Themed Walking Tour: “To Get to the Forge of the Muscles and Spirit of the Nation, the Name of Which is Maccabi” – Jewish Sports Life in Krakow

Today, when hearing the word “sports,” countless groups of sports fans raise up and are ready to defend their beloved teams and the players who represent their neighborhood, city, region, or country. The same goes for prewar Poland, where political and societal aspects were important. Was that the case of Jewish communities?

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25.07.2019    18:00

The World in the Lens of a Documentary: “Rumble. The Indians Who Rocked the World”

dir. Catherine Bainbridge Canada 2017, 103'

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