Museum News

04.02.2018    12:00

Human Library at the Galicia Jewish Museum

Human Library is an initiative which provides opportunities for individuals to meet people who represent various groups we tend to perceive through stereotypes. Direct contact enables participants to break through stereotypes and biases, and to build respect for the individuals and their communities, and to appreciate diversity.

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30.01.2018    17:00

Statement from the Director

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28.01.2018    17:00

Film screening: “Son of Saul”

dir. László Nemes, 2015, 107’ 88th Academy Awards (2016): Best Foreign Language Film 73rd Golden Globe Awards (2016):  Best Foreign Language Film

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28.01.2018    15:00

Open meeting with Lidia Maksymowicz

Imprisoned there as a child, Ms. Lidia Maksymowicz is one of the last living survivors of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. We would like to invite you to a meeting with Ms. Maksymowicz to hear her story – a first-hand account from a Witness to History.

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