Museum News

09.12.2018    18:00

Bedtime Stories in Galicia. A Jewish Hanukkah Bedtime Story

A Jewish Hanukkah Bedtime Story in Yiddish: “Der Gliklecher Mensch" (A Happy Man)

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10.12.2018    18:00

Promotion of the photobook Kazimierz, and a meeting with the author, Bogdan Frymorgen

Led by: Dr. Edyta  Gawron

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16.12.2018    19:00

Contemporary Israeli music for Violin and Piano. Concert by Maria Sławek, and Piotr Różański

The concert will be preceded by a short lecture in Polish.

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27.12.2018    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary: Under the Sun

Dir. Vitaliy Manskiy

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