16.09.2019    18:00

Book promotion: „Wojna nadejdzie jutro. Żołnierz legendarnego Kedywu ostrzega”

Meeting with the authors: Michał Wójcik and Emil Marat. The meeting will be led by Katarzyna Zimmerer.

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15.09.2019    20:00

Concert: Kraków Street Band

The concert is part of the project “Sweet Home Krakow. Blues, Jazz, Gospel, and Kraków's Musicians.” The project is co-funded by the City of Kraków. Free admission.

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10.09.2019    13:30

Conference: Jews in Galicia

Tuesday-Thursday, 10–12.09.2019

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08.09.2019    10:30

Themed walking tour: “The Cultural and Artistic Life of Kraków’s Jews”

This event is part of the European Day of Jewish Culture. Space is limited. Reservation is required.

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