27.02.2020    18:00

The World in the Lens of a Documentary: “Putin's Witnesses”

dir. Vitaly Mansky Lithuania/Switzerland/Czech Republic 2018, 107'

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16.02.2020    20:00

Concert: Kinga Rataj - ‘Tribute to Amália Rodrigues’

Tickets: 25 zł (in advance), 30 zł (on the day of the concert)

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09.02.2020    10:30

Themed Walking Tour: “From Home to Home”: The fate of Krakow's Jews

What makes a person ‘Krakovian’? Is it someone who was born, raised, or is working in the city? Or perhaps it is a person who has a connection to Krakow, but who currently resides elsewhere? Questions of local identity were especially important in the Jewish communities of Polish Galicia, which were divided based on specific cities or regions.

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04.02.2020    16:30

“Ghetto Before the Ghetto. The Ghettoisation of Krakow’s Jews before 1941”, lecture by Dr. Edyta Gawron

Seminar of the Centre for the Study on the History and Culture of Krakow's Jews

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