09.06.2019    10:30

Themed walking tour: Traces of the Jewish Worlds in Kazimierz

We would like to invite you to a guided tour during which we will attempt to show how many Jewish communities lived and still live in Krakow, and how they did and still do differ.

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02.06.2019    19:30

Concert: Wolna Grupa Bukowina

Wolna Grupa Bukowina is a Polish singer-songwriter band which debuted in 1971 at a festival in Szklarska Poręba. The band originates from Busko-Zdrój, and was founded by fresh high school graduate, Wojciec Bellon. His song “Ponidzie” won one of the main awards at the festival.

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01.06.2019    12:00

Children's Day: “Play Israel”

We would like to invite you to an amazing journey through Israel – we will create a huge board game and we will also play it!

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30.05.2019    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary: Pre-Crime

dir. Matthias Heeder, Monika Hielscher Germany 2017, 88’

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