25.11.2019    18:00

Żydokomuna. The Attitude of Jews towards Communism, Communisms Attitude towards Jews

Part of the series: “(In)separable. Difficult Subjects in Polish-Jewish Relations”. Discussion participants: Prof. Alina Cała, Dr. Mikołaj Mirowski Led by: Adam Szostkiewicz (“Polityka”).

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24.11.2019    20:00

Concert: Mirosław Czyżykiewicz

20th anniversary of the album “Ave” Tickets: 40 zł (in advance), 50 zł (on the day of the concert)

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24.11.2019    10:00

Mornings at the Museum: “Family Stories, or How to Become a Genealogist”

We would like to invite all of the children’s caretakers to listen to a fascinating family story the reconstruction of which became a life goal. During that time the children will participate in workshops during which we will create our family trees.

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20.11.2019    17:00

Film screening: “Marina, Mabuse, and Morituri”

A Retrospective of films by Artur Brauner, the laureate of the Honorary Camera of David Award 2019

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