07.11.2019    18:00

Exhibition opening: “From Home to Home. A Tale of the Wartime Exile and Survival of the Pisek Family”

They left home and they arrived home. They were supposed to only leave for a short time and go not too far away, but the turmoil of the war drove them into the unknown, across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It was not an easy journey. And it wasn’t easy to talk about it. Irena Pisek did so — in pictures and in words — only a few decades after the end of the war.

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31.10.2019    18:00

The World through the Lens of a Documentary: “The Poetess”

Dir. Stefanie Brockhaus, Andreas Wolff Germany 2017, 90’

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28.10.2019    18:00

Conspiracy. Roots and the Development of Conspiracy Theories about Jews

Part of the series: “(In)separable. Difficult Subjects in Polish-Jewish Relations”. Discussion participants: Prof. Joanna Tokarska-Bakir, Prof. Grzegorz Krzywiec Led by: Adam Szostkiewicz (“Polityka”)

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25.10.2019    16:00

Book promotion: „Człowiek sukcesu w państwie sukcesów. Biografia Marcela Goldmana, krakowianina w Tel Awiwie” by Łukasz Tomasz Sroka.

Special guests include: Mr. Marcel Goldman and Prof. Aleksander B. Skotnicki, the author of the foreword of the book. Led by: Dr. Ewa Węgrzyn

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