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15.05.2017    15:00

Help us create a retrospective exhibition of photographs by Chris Schwarz!

The Galicia Jewish Museum has launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo!

In June 2017, the Galicia Jewish Museum will open a retrospective exhibition of the photography of Chris Schwarz, the founder and first director of the museum. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the distinguished British photographer’s death.

Before devoting many years of his life to photographing traces of the Jewish past in the region of former Galicia, before permanently moving to Poland to open the museum, for over two decades, Chris worked as a photographer and reporter in Great Britain, the United States, Japan, Russia and Afghanistan.

Schwarz's work was always engaging, his lens often capturing those who needed our help and attention the most, those who were often marginalized by society.

He documented social movements and the culture of capitalist society, Polish "Solidarity," as well as Afghan refugees in the 1980s. His photographs of the march organized by the National Front, and the opposition’s counter-march, which tried to block them, in the British town of Lewisham were featured on the front pages of newspapers throughout the United Kingdom. He photographed the homeless in Paris and London, nursing home retirees, citizens of London's district of Hammersmith and fans of the Millwall football club. He regularly published his photographs in various newspapers and magazines, e.g. Time Out, The Independent, Guardian.

Chris Schwarz devoted the last years of his life to the Galicia Jewish Museum. When he was opening the museum in 2004, many predicted that the museum would not last even a few months. As the museum continues to thrive, he is remembered as a sensitive and determined visionary who left a deep mark on Krakow's district of Kazimierz.

The exhibition will focus on the amazingly rich and almost unknown parts of Chris Schwarz's photographic work. This will be a tribute to our memory of this extraordinary man, and a wonderful opportunity for you to take part in this commemorative act with us.

To enter our Indiegogo campaign, click HERE.