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Family Sunday

Meetings for children with outstanding writers from Kraków, and reading children’s literature together. During several editions of “Reading Fairytales”, we have hosted Jerzy Trela, Magdalena Walach, Krzysztof Globisz, Jan Peszek and Tomasz Schimscheiner.

Meetings with famous actors are not only a lot of fun for our youngest visitors, but also for their parents. Through this initiative, we try to encourage parents and children to pick up good children's books. Thanks to our co-operation with the best publishing houses (Dwie Siostry, Zakamarki, GW Foksal, Znak, Wydawnictwo Literackie), we can organise additional attractions for children such as competitions with prizes, raffles, etc. We present new, outstanding content and messages, as well as beautiful illustrations; we also embrace the classics.

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