"Galicia - Musical Caleidoscope"

Series of concerts presenting artists of world and ethno music as well as singers/songwriters. Part of the cycle were concerts of e.g. Dikanda, Karolina Cicha, Mariusz Lubomski, Ola Bilińska ("Berjozkele" project), Mirek Czyżykiewicz, Muzykanci, Susanna Jara, Sokół Orkestar, Słowiany and more.

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Klezmer concerts: Legend of Kazimierz

The band was formed in Kraków, in 2013. The musicians have combined their experience and skills developed in various musical centres.

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Special Concerts

Concerts of distinguished artists representing various music genres. The concerts include performances by Stanisław Soyka, L.U.C., or, an Israeli rock band Kerach 9, and many more.

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