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18.03.2018    19:00

Concert: U Studni

U Studni is one of the best Polish bands that specializes in ballads, combining the importance of text with unique music. Their repertoire is mostly based on the poetry of Adam Ziemianin, an acknowledged Cracovian poet, in addition to the works of Ola Kiełb, Darek Czarny and Ryszard Żarowski. The band’s collaboration with the acclaimed contemporary poet of a new generation, Krzysztof Cezary Buszman, has resulted in an even greater catalogue of music. Words of wisdom, affirmation of life in all aspects, and sophisticated lyrics and optimism combined with the amazing vocal harmonies and musical accompaniments define the style of “U Studni.”

For nearly three decades (1984-2010), band members were part of Stare Dobre Małżeństwo, in which they contributed to the unique sound and style of this legendary group. Their artistic personalities, and natural and free stage presence, along with their ability to connect with their audiences, guarantee that any performance of “U Studni” is special.

The band has issued three albums: U Studni (Dalmafon, 2013), Wąwóz naszych czasów (Dalmafon, 2014), and Wspólne zdjęcie (Dalmafon, 2017). Full of energy, a variety of themes and motives, they prove the amazing artistic potential of the band.

“U Studni”:
Dariusz Czarny – guitars, vocals, arrangements
Wojciech Czemplik – violin, viola, mandoline, vocals, arrangements
Ola Kiełb-Szawuła – guitar, vocals, arrangements
Andrzej Stagraczyński – bass guitar, arrangements
Ryszard Żarowski – guitars, vocals, arrangements
And a guest performance by Adam Ziemianin – poet

Tickets: 40 zł in advance, 50 zł on the day of the concert