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13.02.2018    19:00

Concert: The Greatest Country Blues Songs

A guitar/ukulele concert performed by three amazing vocalists (Kwiatkowska/Sicińska/Wolski) who will focus mainly on blues and folk.
Combination of three different female energies strengthened by their friendship and their vocals.

They come from different regions and originate from different musical genres but all of them have a soft spot for americana. That is something we can expect from them during their concerts, however, all the rest is completely surprising. They themselves don't know which way it will evolve. But for sure they invite you to the concert!

  • Natalia Kwiatkowska – she comes from the region of Biesczady. An acknowledged vocalist (twice named best blues vocalist in 2015 and 2016 by the magazine "Twój Blues"). Together with the band Cheap Tobacco, in which she is the lead vocalist, she won the Grand Prix' of most blues contests and festivals in Poland, e.g. the Rawa Blues Festival.
  • Eliza Sicińska – vocalist, songwriter, composer. She is inspired by a wide range of musical genres but her main interest is blues and American folk. Her deep voice is dark, low and warm. She received several awards, e.g. she was named best vocalist and best stage performer during the 6th edition of the "Bluesroads"; won the Mira Kubasińska Wielki Ogień award in 2015; awarded by the 25th edition of the "Blues over Bóbr" Festival. She is the lead vocal of the band Hot Tamales which is acknowledged in Poland and abroad.
  • Paula Wolski – Finnish singer who has been living in Poland for almost a decade. She plays ukulele and violin, sings folk, country and bluegrass as well as songs rooted in Finnish folk music. Her beautiful voice heals. Apart from popular music Paula often performs the Finnish epic poem "Kalevala", during the performance she speaks parts of the poem in Polish, and partially sings the original text.

Free admission.