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22.07.2018    18:00

Cinema Remixed: “Dracula”

“Dracula”, dir. T. Browning (1931)
Piotr Krakowski – trumpet
Jacek Kabziński – visualizations

Cinema Remixed is a project that combines original film music composed by Piotr Krakowski with Jacek Kabziński’s visualizations. This is a unique collage of music and film, based on  the interpenetration of sounds and images which refer to the specificity of the event during which they are presented. Cinema Remixed uses the universal languages of music and images to take the viewer on a fascinating journey through time and space. Music and visualizations are created live, each performance different from the one before. Music and images can change at any time depending on the atmosphere and space in which creators and audiences are situated.

This time, Cinema Remixed will take us on a journey to the world of vampires. “Dracula” is Tod Browning’s classic film masterpiece with an unforgettable performance by Bela Lugosi as the legendary vampire, Count Dracula, the legacy of which has been permanently inscribed in the history of cinema. The 1931 horror film indubitably occupies the most important place among the innumerable film adaptations of Bram Stoker's novel. The ominous castle of Dracula, situated in the shadow of the sky-high Carpathians, has always filled the hearts of the inhabitants of Transylvania with fear. However, the original evil has left its hiding place and soon blood will flow on English soil.

Free admission.