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25.03.2018    18:00

Bedtime Stories in Galicia: A meeting with Jewish culture

We would like to invite all children and their parents to Bedtime Stories in Galicia. Each month we will present animations related to the cultures of ethnic, national and religious minorities. Each bedtime story will include a meeting with a member of the represented community or with an expert who will speak about the community’s culture and history.

Let us join together for drinks (and some snacks, of course!) among friends, as we listen, watch, and learn.

We will start off with the animations “Golem rabina Eliasza” (“The Golem of Rabbi Elias”) and “Szczęśliwy człowiek” (“Happy Man”), which were created as part of the project Cztery Strony Bajek (“Four Corners of Fairytales”), and conclude and an interesting story about Jewish culture.

In Polish, free admission.