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06.03.2019    18:00

“1919. The First Year of Freedom” – Book promotion and meeting with the author, Prof. Andrzej Chwalba

Led by: Jolanta Drużyńska

In November 1918, Poland regained its independence, but its shape was to be determined by the events of subsequent months. The November euphoria quickly passed, and Poles faced not only the challenges which emerged from global politics, but also the problems of everyday life. In the beginning, it seemed that they would not be able to handle the unique task of building a new state. The consequences of war, disorganization of society, poverty, and inequality – all inheritances from the Partitions of Poland – were a tough test for the whole society.

But it did work! New authorities were formed; elections for Legislative Sejm (first national parliament) were conducted; state police, administration, and jurisdiction were established. An army was organized which already in the subsequent year had to overcome a critical test which decided the country’s fate.

Prof. Andrzej Chwalba writes about political issues and societal processes in the year which – even though it stays in the shadow of the textbook year of 1918 – in many ways decided the real shape of the Second Polish Republic.

Partner: Czarne Publishing Press

In Polish.
Free admission.